Marius Masalar
March 26th, 2024

"Reports From Unknown Places": a blog about the weather

Ninn Salaün, a talented and expressive illustrator, seems to have equal skill wielding the pen as she does the proverbial brush if her ongoing short-form literary project is anything to go by:

Reports From Unknown Places is a daily project that aims to document meteorological and other natural events in various undisclosed locations since March 2020. One could call Reports “meteorological fiction”, if they wanted to.

I also want to call it poetic, charming, and several other things. Go sample a few (they’re only a paragraph long) and see for yourself.

Heavy with yearning, I find them existentially soothing. Like the creaky calm of a wind vane swaying as the storm approaches.

We report: a new reader, eager for the next forecast.